Our mismatched family


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Mohamed said he lost count of the number of people he was forced to kill

Mohamed was forced to fight for Boko Haram until a commander’s wife, Aisha, persuaded him to escape and a four-year-old boy tagged along. The BBC’s Stephanie Hegarty met them in an army base in north-east Nigeria.

A young boy is sitting under the shade of a wide neem tree, playing with sticks in the sand. A man, not his father, is watching him closely. And a woman, not his mother, picks him up to go inside.

This mismatched family of three has been brought together by the most tragic of circumstance.

Until very recently they were total strangers. But they have one thing in common, they were living with Boko Haram in a camp deep in the Sambisa forest before they escaped, just over a month ago.